Director, Sensory & Consumer Research

Valérie will be speaking in Session 6. Wine quality and innovation: where to next? Click here to see more.


Valerie Mialon is Global Sensory Director, and a member of the Strategic Leadership Team at MMR, a leading market research company specializing in sensory and consumer product research.
MMR researchers help multinational FMCG companies power up their innovation to create more memorable brand experiences by bringing consumers insights to the forefront.
With more tech-savvy consumers, and rapidly evolving tech advances, the pace of research is moving faster than ever. In her presentation, Valerie will talk about the importance of innovation to address real consumer needs, and how new technologies are changing the world of consumer research, as well as innovation processes.
She will discuss how research is embracing these developments and deep dive into methodologies and tools that MMR has been exploring and piloting, many of which are powered by AI and ML. She will share specific example applications of new research tools such as video, chatbots, voice technology and augmented reality stimuli. The presentation will end with some tips on navigating innovative technologies to improve consumer product research to harness better consumer insight


As MMR’s Global Sensory Director, Valerie leads one of the largest and most innovative sensory team in the world, with hubs in Europe, the US and Asia.

She grew up in France and trained in food science in Burgundy, where she fell in love with sensory, and a uniquely blend of science, design, and statistics with the psychology of human perception.

Valerie has been a sensory and consumer research partner for over 25 years, to major global food and drink, beauty and other FMCG companies, from the UK, Australia and now the US.

Throughout her career, she has demonstrated a passion to apply research approaches in delivering business relevant and actionable recommendations and pushing her teams to constantly innovate and adapt in response to ever changing challenges.

Valerie truly appreciates holistic sensory experiences, and as MMR’s Global Sensory Director she now focuses on making the power of sensory more accessible to a wider range of functions and industries, and to help create product experiences that delight consumers and lead to long-term impact.