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We are entering into the most challenging period for the Australian Grape and Wine Sector of the past 30 years. The effective closure of the Chinese market in early 2021 due to the imposition of anti-dumping duties, coupled with the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have dramatically changed the trading landscape internationally and domestically.

New consumer trends and digitalisation have accelerated due to COVID-19 impacts; international supply chains have been dramatically impacted; global market impacts; climate change; and labour shortages and inflationary pressures, all add up to a difficult few years for the sector.

The oversupply situation that Australia finds itself in does not have a short-term fix. In this paper we explore the short and medium term outlook for the sector, including key domestic and global issues and potential impacts on our sector.


Tony Battaglene is the Chief Executive of Australian Grape and Wine Incorporated. Australian Grape & Wine is Australia’s national association of grape and wine producers, representing their interests at the national and international level. Tony Battaglene has had significant experience in the research, policy and agri-political space in the food and agriculture sector.