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The principles and institutions that govern the global rules-based trading system have served Australian agriculture over many decades. As a middle-size economy, Australia’s access to export markets is highly reliant on a stable and transparent rules-based order. Multilateral organisations such as the World Trade Organisation and the Food and Agriculture Organisation, provide important mechanisms for Australia to advocate for policies, standards and rules that serve our own trading interests and also provide for global economic growth and prosperity, including enhanced food security.

But the global trading landscape is becoming more complex and challenging. While Australia has a long history of shaping the agricultural multilateral environment, the emergence of a range of global policy issues within these organisations requires a step up of Australian influence and leadership including at a technical level. Similarly, more can be done by Australia’s peak agricultural industries to engage strategically in the multilateral system to ensure that it continues to meet our interests. Finding common ground for building relationships and meeting these challenges is a key focus of my new role as Special Representative for Australian Agriculture.


As the inaugural Special Representative for Australian Agriculture, Ms McCluskey will promote Australia’s commitment to sustainable agriculture, to the multilateral system and to the principles that underpin global trade in agricultural goods and products.

Ms McCluskey is a senior business executive and company director with a strong background in agricultural policy, production and research.

Ms McCluskey is the Director of Australian Unity, LiveCorp, Foundation for Young Australians, Australasian Pork Research Institute and Energy Renaissance. She is also a Commissioner for the Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research, a government body supporting sustainable livelihoods and food security in the Indo-Pacific region and Africa.

Previously, Ms McCluskey has been the CEO of the Regional Australia Institute and the Council of Rural Research and Development Corporations and the Executive Director of the Office of Best Practice Regulation. She has also held senior positions with the Business Council of Australia, the National Farmers’ Federation and the Australian Taxation Office.

Ms McCluskey has been raising beef cattle for the last 30 years on a property just outside Canberra.