WHS & Labour Manager

Nicky will be speaking in Session 8. Solving problems with technology. Click here to see more.


Nicky Mann is currently the WHS & Labour Manager at Family Fresh Farms, a high-performing, high-tech glasshouse business producing Qukes. Nicky is a 2014 Nuffield Farming Scholar, a 2017 Worship Company of Farmers Recipient and was Chairwoman of Protected Cropping Australia for the last 5 years. Nicky has been fortunate to travel the globe looking at intensive growing production systems, and is always looking for continuous improvement in labour efficiencies which for many horticultural businesses is their biggest cost.  Using an array of different data collection methods, Nicky will share how business can make fast, accurate and cost-saving decisions seamlessly.  Nicky is committed to helping the NextGen of farmers and managers to get the most out of their labour through simple and inexpensive data collection methods.