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Natalie will be speaking in Session 6. Wine quality and innovation: where to next? Click here to see more.


Wine makers have been productively exploiting the biochemistry and habits of microorganisms for thousands of years to deliver a product we all enjoy. Selective yeasts and fermentation are also the underpinning technology for the Biomanufacturing revolution and the wine industry is advantageously placed to exploit these modern opportunities.
The conventional assumptions on the abilities of yeasts and traditional uses are being turned on their head with Synthetic Biology technologies. High throughput genetic modification production lines and gene technologies such as CRISPR mean we are no longer constrained by traditional processes and products. This talk will present some examples of emerging opportunities across viticulture, fermentation, new products and beyond.


Natalie has been at the forefront of the growth of synthetic biology in Australia commencing with the establishment of the Synthetic Biology Research Priority at Macquarie University and then leading the synthetic biology investments for Bioplatforms Australia. Natalie was instrumental for the creation of the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence in Synthetic Biology and co-authored the Australian Government’s Synthetic Biology infrastructure investment plan. Natalie conducted her PhD on recombinant protein production in filamentous fungi, has a Graduate Diploma in Business Management and is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Natalie has been invited to present at numerous international meetings and is well published in peer review journals and thought leadership papers such as for the World Economic Forum. Natalie has worked as a scientist in biotechnology research within university and government laboratories as well as start-ups before transitioning into project management and business development for building a thriving start-up and biotechnology ecosystem. Natalie is Chief Scientific Officer at Eden Brew and Partnerships Manager for Bioplatforms Australia.