Dr Martin Day is a Research Scientist at the AWRI. He holds a Master of Oenology degree from the University of Adelaide and a PhD from the University of Nantes, France, in analytical food chemistry. Before joining the AWRI, Martin worked several vintages in both northern and southern hemispheres. Martin’s interests are focused on how the scientific approach can be used to understand and improve winemaking and broaden stylistic reach. He works on the measurement of dissolved oxygen throughout the winemaking process and the impact of oxygen and how to use it to modify wine style. His other oenology projects have included studying the effect of different winemaking approaches on the phenolic composition of white wines and designing and executing comprehensive vintage trials. Martin is also Chief Investigator in a project on wine authenticity at the AWRI and has completed the largest analytical survey of isotope ratios in wine from across Australia. He puts his research into practice by making wine in the Adelaide Hills with Dr Paul Henschke at Greenhill Wines. Martin will address Whole bunch fermentation of Shiraz and Pinot Noir: stems influence chemical and sensory descriptors in Session 9. Fresh Science B on Wednesday.