Dr Maarten Jongsma obtained his MSc (1988) and PhD (1995) from Wageningen University and since 1995 has managed his own research teams at Wageningen Plant Research. To date Maarten has supervised 17 PhD students and published ~100 papers. Initially Maarten’s main focus was on the molecular basis of insect resistance in plants by protease inhibitors and terpenoid molecules. This evolved into the development of the commercially available EntoLab platform for videotracking insects and associating their behaviour with plant genetics. During the last 10 years he has been involved in various nano-/microtechnology programs and focused on the development of a receptomics prototype that can analyse responses of receptor arrays (GPCRs, TRPs) in live cells on a small microfluidic chip. Initial applications were for measuring food flavour, but the technique is also suitable for drug discovery and monitoring hormones and neurotransmitters emitted, for example, by human gut cells in response to certain foods. Maarten’s current research is aimed at promoting the further development and application of the receptomics technique. Maarten will address Receptomics and its potential for wine analysis in Session 7 on Tuesday.