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COO Wine, The IWSR Group

Lulie will be speaking in Session 4. Roadmap for a sustainable industry. Click here to see more.


In an era of the growing importance of sustainability within the context of ESG, how are consumers in key global wine markets relating to sustainability in wine?

Based on new consumer insight from 15 wine markets globally, Lulie Halstead will explore how motivated wine drinkers are by sustainability credentials for wine and what motivates them to choose – or not choose – wine based on these factors. She will share insights around how consumers perceive organic wine, what biodynamic means to them and what barriers could be preventing further consumer engagement with sustainable wine.


Lulie founded Wine Intelligence in 2002, now a division of the IWSR Group and backed by Bowmark Capital. IWSR is the leading global beverage alcohol market data and insight specialist, with coverage in over 160 markets, whilst Wine Intelligence is widely regarded as the leading wine focused consumer behaviour insights organisation globally.

Over the past 20 years, she has been a regular keynote speaker at high profile international wine conferences and retains her academic links as a guest lecture and advisor on Masters and MBA programmes. Her client work includes advisory roles to the leadership teams of some of the world’s leading wine businesses.

She is a trustee of the WEST (Wine and Spirits Education Trust) and more recently, has established a vineyard in East Sussex, England which will, she hopes, be delivering full yields in 2024!