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Julien will be speaking in Session 10. A focus on carbon and water. Click here to see more.


Julien Gervreau’s sustainability career has spanned over 15 years. In his most recent role as Vice President of Sustainability at Jackson Family Wines, he led the development of the company’s Rooted for Good: Roadmap to 2030 initiative, which engaged more than 100 internal and external stakeholders across the company’s value chain to plan and budget for a Net Zero future. Now as a director of sustainability at SSF, he works with clients on developing sustainability and climate action strategies with a focus on the tactical implementation of supporting a just transition to a zero-carbon economy. Julien is also a founding board member of International Wineries for Climate Action, whose mission is to take a science-based approach to measuring and reducing carbon emissions across the wine industry.

Julien is passionate about designing, developing, and managing sustainable business systems that enhance the triple bottom line of economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social equity. He employs integrated systems thinking, financial analysis and documented sustainability frameworks to guide business strategy that fosters healthy, more resilient entities, and drives operational savings.