Tahbilk Wine Club Manager

Hayley will be chair of Session 10. A focus on carbon and water. Click here to see more.


The environment we live in is a multi-layered human experience.

Forming the foundation of the environment is the natural world being all non-human features, characters and processes.  It is the earth under our cities, the air we breathe every day and the water we drink.  The sun on our backs invigorating all life in the landscape, including plants which underpin our food system. Nature is why we arrived and why we can stay.

Environment is also the man-made world, the parts of our environment we create – electricity and heat production, agriculture, manufacturing, transportation and buildings. These elements providing comfort and opportunity to communities globally and is what makes us uniquely human.

Together nature and the man-made world is our environment.  So tightly woven together you cannot divorce one from the other.  A powerful duo which when working in harmony creates a reliable environment fostering healthy and happy communities.

Keeping this environmental orchestra harmonious is the responsibility of people. We control the environmental balance through our priorities.  Our priorities underpinning our investment.

At Tahbilk we have made the choice to invest in and prioritise the environment as part of our contribution to our local community. For us investing in the environment means future generations in our community can rely on us to be here long into the future.

Today’s speakers will share with you some of the ways people can and are making a positive investment in rebalancing the environment and I hope you leave this session feeling empowered, knowledgeable and interested in helping the community rebalance nature with the man-made world.


Hayley Purbrick is a proud fifth-generation family member of one of the oldest winemaking families and carbon neutral wineries in Australia. With a background in direct to consumer marketing and agriculture she is turning the historic Tahbilk vineyard into one of the most environmentally friendly in the country. Outside of the winery, Hayley lives in Deniliquin and is an active advocate for growing strong agricultural industries and thriving rural communities. In 2015 she founded social enterprise Big Sky Ideas to champion entrepreneurial spirit in rural Australia. In 2017 she was a Finalist of both the Regional Australia Institute Light Bulb Moments Competition and NSW/ACT Agrifutures Rural Woman of the Year. In 2019 she graduated from the Wine Australia Future Leaders Program. In 2020 Hayley finished her term on the Australian Grape & Wine Sustainability Advisory Committee and is currently a member of the Board of Wine Victoria.