Dr Harley Smith is a Team Leader in the Wine Grapes and Horticulture Group at CSIRO Agriculture and Food. In 1998, he received his PhD in Genetics at Michigan State University where he studied protein transport into the nucleus in plants. His postdoctoral research was focused on the genetics of shoot meristem function at the University of California, Berkeley. In 2004, Harley joined the Department of Botany and Plant Sciences at the University of California, Riverside as Assistant Professor. His research interests were focused on the molecular control of flower formation and the development basis of biennial bearing. In 2012, Harley joined CSIRO and is leading the Rootstock Breeding and Meristem Function Team developing new grapevine rootstocks with durable resistance to root knot nematode and phylloxera using marker-assisted selection. Harley also leads a project focused on irregular bearing in avocado. Harley will address Developing next generation grapevine rootstocks with long-term resistance to phylloxera and root knot nematode in Session 9. Fresh Science B on Wednesday.