Dr Everard Edwards started his career in the UK, with a BSc (Hons) in plant sciences at the University of Sheffield in 1992, followed by a PhD in post-harvest physiology of potatoes at Nottingham Trent University in 1997. He then undertook post-doctoral fellowships at the University of York and the Australian National University, with both positions examining the effects of climate change. Since 2006, Everard has been applying his background in whole plant physiology to perennial horticulture at CSIRO. Much of this has been in optimising wine-grape management, including studying vine balance (in collaboration with the NWGIC), the long-term impact of deficit irrigation, the interaction between temperature and water status during heatwaves, and the role of rootstocks in driving water use efficiency. This has also led to an involvement with the almond industry, where Everard aims to improve resource use efficiency through resilient root systems. More recently, he has co-led a broad research team at CSIRO that is combining technological and viticultural know-how to develop new tools for vineyard management. Everard will address Digital opportunities: from the vineyard to the winery door in Session 8 on Tuesday.