The Twelfth Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference was held 24-29 July 2004 in Melbourne, Vic.

The Conference Planning Committee comprised:

Professor Peter Høj, Chair The Australian Wine Research Institute
Ms Rae Blair, Conference Manager and Treasurer Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference
Mr Chris Dundon Food and Beverage Australia Limited (FABAL)
Mr Peter Godden The Australian Wine Research Institute

Ms Kate Goodman The YarraHill
Dr Richard Hamilton, Co-Chair of Programme Sub-Committee Southcorp Wines
Mr Russell Johnstone Orlando-Wyndham Group
Mr Michael Kerrigan Howard Park Wines
Professor Sakkie Pretorius, Co-Chair of Programme Sub-Committee The Australian Wine Research Institute

Ms Louisa Rose Yalumba Wines
Mr Garry Wall Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology
Mr David Wollan Wine Network Australia

Ms Kate Beames Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference

Workshop Coordinators:
Mr Peter Godden The Australian Wine Research Institute
Ms Narelle D’Costa Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference
Ms Ella Robinson The Australian Wine Research Institute

Poster Display Coordinators

Mr Russell Johnstone Orlando-Wyndham Group
Mr Randell Taylor The Australian Wine Research Institute

Trade Exhibition Management
Reed Exhibitions Australia

Formal Programme

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John Batman Theatre, Melbourne Convention Centre

Sunday, 25th July 2004

13:00 Welcome
Chairman of The Australian Wine Research Institute, Mr Robin Day, and President of the Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology, Mr Garry Wall
13:20 Formal Opening
The Hon Peter McGauran MP, Australian Government Minister for Science

Session 1 – Strategy 2025 – eight years on, what is required to maintain the momentum?

Chair: Stephen Strachan Winemakers’ Federation of Australia

13:30 The 1996 Background to 2025
Stephen Strachan, Winemakers’ Federation of Australia
13:35 Strategy 2025 – the 33% review
Phil Ruthven, IBISWorld Australia
14:20 Developing and maintaining new markets: will the old paradigms work?

David Woods, Hardy Wine Company
14:50 The challenges and opportunities of the Asian market
Ch’ng Poh Tiong, The Wine Review (Singapore)
15:20 Discussion and Summary
15:30 Coffee break (30 mins)

Session 2 – Defining wine composition to meet consumer preference

Chair: Louisa Rose Yalumba Wines

16:00 Introduction
Louisa Rose, Yalumba Wines
16:05 Sensory A-V: the research challenge
Professor Linda Bartoshuk, Yale University (USA)
16:30 Sensory W-Z: the consumer challenge

David Lyon, Campden & Chorleywood Food Research Association Group (UK)
16:55 Relating volatile composition to wine aroma: identification of key aroma compounds in Australian white wines
Heather Smyth, The Australian Wine Research Institute
17:20 Development of a wine style guided by consumer research
Dr Isabelle Lesschaeve, Inno Vinum (Canada)
17:45 Discussion and Summary

18:30 – 20:00 Welcome Reception in Trade Exhibition area
Sponsored by Seguin Moreau (insert logo)

Monday, 26th July 2004

Session 3 – vineyard physiology and variability

Chair: Dr Richard Smart Smart Viticulture

08:30 Introduction
Dr Richard Smart, Smart Viticulture
08:35 Crop load – physiology, modeling and relationship to root production in grapes
Dr Alan Lakso, Cornell University (USA)
08:55 Root to shoot signalling and vine response to the environment

Dr Brian Loveys, CSIRO Plant Industry
09:15 Managing yield variability in vineyards
Dr Greg Dunn, Agriculture Victoria
09:35 Hitting the zone – making viticulture more precise
Dr Rob Bramley, CSIRO Land and Water
09:55 Factors affecting Cabernet Sauvignon quality in warm to hot climates

Dr Rob Stevens, South Australian Research and Development Institute
10:10 Discussion and summary
10:30 Coffee break in Trade Exhibition area

Session 4 – Balanced wine: what might be achieved in the vineyard?
Chair: Terry Lee Consultant

Sponsored by: Seguin Moreau (insert logo)

11:15 Introduction
Dr Terry Lee, Consultant
11:20 Sunshine – the double-edged sword
Nick Dokoozlian, E. & J. Gallo Winery (USA)
11:45 What is vine balance?

Dr Peter Dry, The University of Adelaide
12:05 Bunch exposure – does light matter?
Dr Mark Downey, Department of Primary Industries, Vic
12:25 The impact of viticultural treatments on grape and wine tannins
Dr Markus Herderich, The Australian Wine Research Institute
12:45 Objective measures of grape quality – are they achievable?

Professor Peter Høj, The Australian Wine Research Institute
13:05 Discussion and summary
13:15 Lunch break in Trade Exhibition area – Melbourne Exhibition Centre

Colloquium 1 – Logistics and manipulating viticultural input for sustainability
Chair: Jim Campbell-Clause

The comparative response of Vitis Vinifera L. var. Shiraz to Partial Rootzone Drying and Sustained Deficit Irrigation
Yasmin Chalmers, Primary Industry and Resources, Vic
The balance of berry sugar accumulation, colour and phenolic concentration under deficit irrigation strategies
Nicola Cooley, CSIRO
Impact of irrigation with saline groundwater on vineyard soils
Louise Clark, The University of Adelaide

A DNA-based diagnostic test for the early detection of Phylloxera in ungrafted vineyards
Karen Herbert, Primary Industry and Resources, Vic
Progress towards managing the grapevine trunk disease, Petri disease and esca
Jacky Edwards, Primary Industry and Resources, Vic
Collaborative planning for grape logistics and batching
Mohan Krishnamoorthy, CSIRO Mathematical and Information Sciences

Tuesday, 27th July 2004

Colloquium 2 – Towards greater control of the winemaking process – examples of new techniques and approaches
Chair: Caroline Dunn Beringer Blass

Controlled exposure of red wine to oxygen post-fermentation – if you can’t stop it, why not control it?

Dr Patrik Jones, The Australian Wine Research Institute
Diffusion – a new approach to micro-oxygenation
Robert Paul, Wine Network Consulting Pty Ltd
Effects of timing of inoculation for malolactic fermentation on Shiraz wine
Leigh Schmidtke, Charles Sturt University
Recent efforts to optimise wine yeast strains and their fermentation performance

Dr Vladimir Jiranek, School of Agriculture and Wine, The University of Adelaide
Electrospray mass spectrometry: what state-of-art instruments offer to wine researchers and practitioners
Yoji Hayasaka, The Australian Wine Research Institute
The consumer: an integral part of our wine business
Jennifer-Jo Wieseman, E. & J. Gallo, USA
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch break in Trade Exhibition area

Session 5 – Balanced wine: what might be achieved in the winery?
Chair: Dr Vladimir Jiranek
School of Agriculture and Wine, The University of Adelaide

13:00 Introduction
Dr Vladimir Jiranek, School of Agriculture and Wine, The University of Adelaide

13:05 Physico-chemical tuning of wine composition
David Wollan, Wine Network Australia
13:35 Microbiological tuning of wine composition
Dr Miguel de Barros Lopes, The Australian Wine Research Institute
14:05 GMOs – optimism, pessimism, realism
Dr Daniel Ramon-Vidal, Institute of Agrochemistry and Food Technology, Spanish Council for Scientific Research (IATA-CSIC) (Spain)

14:35 New technology, old prejudice
Steve Guy, Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation
14:50 Discussion and summary
15:00 Announcement of ‘Best Trade Exhibit’
Sponsored by Winetitles (logo)

15:05 Coffee break in trade exhibition area (40 mins)

Announcement of poster prizes
Sponsored by the Australian Society of Viticulture and Oenology (logo) and
Australia & New Zealand Grapegrower & Winemaker (logo)

Session 6 – Environmental management: treading lightly
Chair: Keith Jones SA Wine and Brandy
Sponsored by The Thomas Walter Hardy Memorial Trust

15:45 Introduction
Keith Jones, SA Wine & Brandy

15:50 General

Peter Cullen, University of Canberra
16:20 Improving water use efficiency
Dr Rob Walker, CSIRO Plant Industry
16:45 From integrated pest management to biodiversity: towards a broad approach for maintaining beneficials and managing pests in healthy vineyards
Dr Ary Hoffman, La Trobe University

17:05 Reducing the environmental impact of Australian wineries
Leon Deans, Orlando Wyndham
17:20 Wine industry development – design for success
Adam Leggett, Increasing Returns P/L
17:35 Discussion and summary

Wednesday, 28th July 2004

Colloquium 3 – Vine and wine design – setting new goals with R&D
Chair: Dr Jim Fortune
Grape and Wine Research and Development Corporation

Investigating the plumbing of grapevines; from the genes for the pores to the physiology of the pipes
Professor Steve Tyerman, School of Agriculture and Wine, The University of Adelaide

The grapevine nutriome initiative – molecular approaches towards identifying sustainable grapevine nutrient use
Dr Brent Kaiser, School of Agriculture and Wine, The University of Adelaide
Multivariate analysis: a novel approach in modern interdisciplinary sciences
Dr Daniel Cozzolino, The Australian Wine Research Institute
Genomics: the foundation for vine improvement
Dr Mark Thomas, CSIRO Division of Plant Industry

Can yeast transcriptomics help improve wine fermentation?
Dr Cristian Varela, Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Chile
Genomics of taste and smell – cracking the codes that determine who likes what on the palate and on the nose
Professor Isak Pretorius, The Australian Wine Research Institute
12:00 – 13:00 Lunch break in Trade Exhibition area

Session 7 – Storage and transportation influences on wine properties

Chair: Jim Brayne
McWilliam’s Wines

13:00 Introduction
Jim Brayne, McWilliam’s Wines
13:05 Reactions and occurrence of wines’ polyphenols evolution during oxidative process in oak
Dr Nicolas Vivas, Universite de Bordeaux I-CESANO (France)

Dr Vivas is sponsored by the Stephen Hickinbotham Memorial Research Trust
13:35 New insights into flavour scalping and closure performance
Dr Mark Sefton, The Australian Wine Research Institute
14:00 Bulk and bottled wine transportation
Flaminio Dondina, Gori Australia Pty Ltd
14:25 Management of wine quality in the retail sector: a producer perspective

Philip Laffer, Orlando-Wyndham Group
14:40 Management of wine quality in the retail sector: a retailer perspective
Howard Winn, Sainsbury’s (UK)
14:55 Discussion and summary
15:05 Coffee break in Trade exhibition area (40 mins)

Session 8 – What are our challenges and how do we meet them?

Chair: Neil Delroy
Agribusiness Research and Management

15:45 Introduction
Neil Delroy, Agribusiness Research and Management
15:50 The threat of technical trade barriers
Tony Battaglene, Winemakers’ Federation of Australia

16:10 How do industries use technology: R&D to defeat challenges and grasp opportunities
Dr Robin Batterham, (Australia’s Chief Scientist)

Hypothetical – 2025 inquiry into the Australian wine industry’s performance in the Asian market
Inquiry Moderator: David Galbally QC

It is the year 2025 and the failure of the Australian wine industry to secure significant market-share in the Asian market has led to a significant contraction of the industry. Three expert witnesses will deliver their statements and submit to questions from the Inquiry Moderator and delegates. The Inquiry Moderator will submit his recommendation to industry.

Expert witnesses:

  1. Market intelligence and delivery
    Denis Horgan, Leeuwin Estate
  2. Production and development
    Angus Kennedy, Constellation Brands
  3. Research & development, education and extension
    Dr Kate Grenot, BCP Investments

17:40 Closing remarks
Professor Peter Høj, Chair of Conference Planning Committee


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W1 Pest and disease monitoring and identification
W2A Control of ‘Restricted Spring Growth’ (RSG) by successful control of grape rust mite and bud mite
W2B Implementing sustainable viticulture: the effect of pesticides on rust and bud mite predators

W3 Faster, Cheaper vineyard establishment using tall vineguards
W4 Hands on in Chemometrics
W5 Red wine phenolics
W6 Winemaking with non-conventional yeast

W7 Brettanomyces – latest research and control strategies
W8 Integrated management systems (food safety

[HACCP] / OH&S / Environment) for wine grapegrowers
W9 Sampling and measurement of grape quality for growers
W10 Finding thealcohol sweet spot

W11 Indicators of biodiversity
W12 Managing quality in the vineyard
W13 Effective laboratory design and setup
W14 Introduction to IR spectroscopy

W15 Malolactic fermentation
W16 A global overview of the contemporary uses for large format oak vessels
W17 Salinity in the vineyard and in wine
W18 Dryland Viticulture

W19 Latest advances in cork processing technology
W20 Port: a palatefulof complexity
W21 Pest and disease monitoring and identification
W22 Oxidation of wine

W23 Agrochemicals in vineyard environmental management
W24 Best practice extension – a workshop for extension officers working in viticulture
W25 Red wine phenolics
W26 Winemaking with non-conventional yeast

W27 Brettanomyces – latest research and control strategies
W28 Quality management – introduction to HACCP
W29 A practical guide to accuracy in your laboratory
W30A Chardonnay clonal trial

W30B Managing vineyard variation (Precision Viticulture)
W30C New varietiesand new regions
W31 Berry sensory analysis
W32 Who’s running the show? ASVO Wine Show Project recommendations to wine shows

W34 Applications of IR Spectroscopy: from laboratory to industry
W38 Quality management & food safety options for wineries
W39 Sampling and measurement of grape quality for growers

W40 What is the future for CCA-treated vineyard posts?
W41 Getting started with environmental management in viticulture
W42 Managing quality in the Vineyard
W43 Waste not, want not!

W44 PAM AusVit – Next generation vineyard management
W45 Quality management HACCP plan development (advanced)
W46 Wine Flavour
W47 Brettanomyces – latest research and control strategies

W48 Bio-security protocols
W49 Colour measurement of red grapes – how to get started
W50 Port – a palateful of complexity
W51 Berry sensory analysis

W52 Rootstocks for sustainability and quality
W53 A practical guide to accuracy in your laboratory
W54 Crop forecasting
W55 Red wine phenolics

W56 Winemaking with non-conventional yeast
W57 Australian wine quality – do wine shows lead or follow?
W58 Medically, is wine just another alcoholic beverage? – results from the GWRDC-funded wine and health research projects
W59 Sampling and measurement of grape quality for growers

W60 Fungal Contaminants – impact on grape and wine quality
W61A Wine microbiological spoilage: current and emerging issues
W61B Irrigating for quality
W62 Holistic soil management

W63 Screw caps for small and medium winemakers
W64 The influence of environment on grapevine yield
W65 Botrytis and other bunch rots
W66 Malolactic Fermentation

W67 Advances in vineyard spray application
W68 Vineyard Financial benchmarking
W70 Movement of agrochemicals within or beyond the vineyard – where do they go? Can we monitor them? Is there evidence of any impact?
W71 Objective measures of grape & wine quality


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Posters were allocated to the below categories, and some 220 posters were on display:

  • Information and technology transfer
  • New vineyard technologies
  • Soil and irrigation management
  • Vine and berry science
  • Vine nutrition
  • Grapes, wine and the environment
  • Pests and disease
  • Fermentation
  • Microbial spoilage
  • Phenolics for red wine
  • Grape and wine aroma, flavour and colour
  • Clarification and maturation
  • Wine and grape composition and analysis
  • Wine contamination
  • Wine and health
  • Miscellaneous
Trade Exhibitors

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