The Second Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference was held 7-9 August 1973 at Tanunda, South Australia and was organised by The Australian Wine Research Institute in collaboration with the Waite Agricultural Research Institute, South Australian Department of Agriculture, CSIRO Division of Horticultural Research and a committee representative of a number of Barossa Valley interests.


Session 1 – Viticulture – water and winegrapes

Introduction : Water and vine growth B.G. Coombe
Water needs of wine grapes R.E. Smart
Water quality for irrigation of grapevines J.B. Robinson
Application of water to winegrapes L.D. Jones
Trickle irrigation J.D.F.Black

Session 2 – Viticulture – vine planting material in the future

Principles involved in providing good material A.J. Antcliff
The virus problem R.J. van Velsen
Rootstocks in viticulture R.M. Cirami
Schemes for vine improvement in Australia R.T.J. Webber
The Vine Selection Society of the Barossa Valley M.A. Loder

Session 3 – Viticulture – vineyard design and mechanical harvesting

Trellising in relation to vine performance P. May
Vineyard trellis design C.R. Turkington
Trellis construction E.W. Boehm
Mechanical harvesting of wine grapes at the Tolley Scott Tolley Vineyard, Qualco M.J. McNeil
Intake of mechanically harvested fruit at Buronga winery of Hungerford Hills cellars R.S. Haselgrove
Factors affecting grape quality for winemaking A.R. Beckwith

Session 4 – Oenology

The future of the wine industry F.W. Beech (U.K.)
Wine research report W.W. Forrest
Investigation into brandy and fortifying spirit composition C.R. Strauss

Session 5 – Oenology symposium – Procedure for making quality table wine

Temperature control for quality wines B.J. Barry
Application of pure yeast culture to winemaking A.T. Knappstein
Heat extraction of colour from red grapes G. Prass
Partial heat-treatment of red must D. Kolarovich

Session 6 – Oenology

Production of white table wines with minimal SO2 H. Mueller-Spaeth (Germany)
Wine quality-control procedures B.T. Tyson