Posters are a popular part of the AWITC and are displayed throughout the conference. They provide an opportunity for researchers and students to report on ‘late-breaking’ work, for researchers to interact directly with delegates, and to show industry where research is heading.

The AWITC is currently accepting submissions for poster abstracts. Abstracts should be no more than 250 words and should be a synopsis of the project, including at most a brief statement of the materials, methods and experimental design.  The emphasis must be on the results and conclusions, to enable viewers to gain an impression of the work and its relevance to their interests.

Poster categories include:

  • Clarification and maturation
  • Fermentation
  • Grape and wine aroma, flavour and colour
  • Grape and wine business
  • Grapevine management and physiology
  • Information and technology transfer
  • New vineyard and winery technologies
  • Pests and vine disease
  • Phenolics in red wine
  • Soil and irrigation management
  • Viticulture and the environment
  • Wine and grape composition and analysis
  • Wine and health
  • Wine spoilage and contamination

Submit your poster abstract for a chance to win a prize or be selected to present your exciting new research in a ‘Fresh Science’ session. Students will also be considered for the Student forum: In the wine light.

Submissions close Friday, 12 April 2019.

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Poster abstract submissions are now open for the 17th Australian Wine Industry Technical Conference, coming up in Adelaide from 21 – 24 July 2019.

Are you ready to share your latest research or technical discoveries?

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